• Use the latest Bluetooth technology – Our powerful sound module uses Bluetooth 4.1 which the newest technology in the market and it supports every music player more efficiently. There is quality assurance with this device.
  • Support the up and down song selection – Our Bluetooth enabled device allows for up and down song selection as well as volume control, music playback and pause control as well as call automatic switching function.
  • Narrowed voice connection – Perfect Bluetooth headset ensures that there are efficient wind suppression and high definition of voice call effects. The 2-way music playback connection supports a variety of smartphones as well as updates.
  • Durable and high quality – Decent Bluetooth sound output is ultra-low voltage version, long standby time, 8 hours continuous song, 120 hours standby time. It is made to serve the use for an extended period without becoming worn out.
  • Serves you for a long time – Bluetooth enabled device lasts for a long time with power while remaining as powerful as it should be all time. The qualities of this perfect device are very efficient and promising.