Product Overview
Smit Torch bulbs made for delivering premium quality at no extra cost, not only that it consumes very less energy with no sacrifice of light, saving huge money on your electricity bills.
So why wait? Start saving money now by making the switch to LED bulbs!
These LED bulbs have been made using the latest technology to a very high standard that delivers a fantastic quality of light. These LED bulbs are the best replacement for traditional Incandescent and Halogen light bulbs.
They produce equivalent light output to standard bulbs.
Perfect for creating a vintage feel to your domestic or commercial property, this range of LED Bulbs combines old-fashioned design with the latest energy-saving LED technology.
Inspired by 19th-century early bulb design can be easily installed into your existing fittings whether it be a home or an office.
With a lifespan of up to 25,000 hours, these LED bulbs not only save money but also helps reduce replacement costs.
Each of the bulbs is constructed from thermal plastic which doesn’t heat up, even after long periods of use. They also feature a frosted for improved appearance and this also slightly diffuses the bulb giving a softer light output.
Most commonly used in small light fittings and table, bedside and desk lamps and light fittings such as chandeliers.
We are confident you will be highly satisfied with your purchase!